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New Comics Wednesday - 8/21/2019!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY FLYING MONKEY FANS!! It is ANOTHER great New Comic Book Day here at the Flying Monkey and once again we have some GREAT new books!!

History of the Marvel Universe #2 is on shelves this week and it is another AMAZING issue - once completed this series is going to be THE history of the Marvel Universe, each and every panel and page is so gorgeously composed and EVERY fan of Marvel comics is going to see something new and interesting that they will want to explore further!! This is a great gateway to understanding what has happened throughout the mythology of the Marvel U and will have you wanting to find more and more books and see more and more of these great stories!!

Marvel also continues the tie-ins for #AbsoluteCarnage with Absolute Carnage vs Deadpool and this is THE TIE-IN that you are going to want to read!! Issue 1 of 3 kicks off with 4 great covers including a 3 Part Rob Liefeld connecting variant!! This is going to be a great series and scratch that Deadpool and Symbiote itch for days!!

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