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New Comic Book Day - 9/11/2019!! Absolute Carnage, King Thor and more!!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY FLYING MONKEY FANS!!! It's another AMAZING New Comic Book Day here at the Flying Monkey!!

Stop in today and grab some of these great new reads!!

Marvel keeps the hits rolling with the Absolute Carnage Tie-Ins - if you haven't been picking up this event - which from Marvel have been a dime a dozen at times - you are missing out! The regular Absolute Carnage book is a great Spider-man and Venom team-up book and the tie-ins have all been an interesting mix of Horror and Symbiote fun!! Stop in today - we have tons of great covers in stock and ready for you!! This week we have part 2 of the best tie-in, Absolute Carnage vs Deadpool and the ALL NEW Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance - with all the crazy Carnagized Ghost Rider action you could imagine!!

Jason Aaron kicks off the final chapter of one of the greatest Thor stories of all time - King Thor - featuring far future action that any Thor fan won't be able to resist! If you have been reading up on the recent Thor History this book is the Payoff you have been waiting for!!

Last but not least this week is DC Comics all new Team-Up book - Gotham City Monsters!! What does a team-up of Frankenstein, Killer Croc, Lady Clayface, Orca and vampire Andrew Bennett look like? Well now you have the book to tell you!! If you were a fan of the AWESOME Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE books of the past this one will hit a sweet spot for you!!

Stop in today Flying Monkey Fans!! We have SO MUCH MORE than just these 3 titles and more fun than you can shake a stick at!!

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