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New Comic Book Day - 10/30/2019 - HALLOWEEN HORROR!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY FLYING MONKEY FANS!! It's ANOTHER AWESOME New Comic Book Day at the Flying Monkey and we can't be happier!!

Before we dive into highlight this week - DON'T MISS OUR Bi-Annual $1 Comic Sale this Weekend!! We only do this twice a year and it is your opportunity to dig through our $1 Back Stock and check out all the new stuff that has come in with collections this year! 11-8 Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday - DON'T MISS IT!

DC Comics keeps the Joker love rolling this week with the ALL NEW Joker. Killer Smile by the awesome Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino - the crew behind the AWESOME Gideon Falls - and this is THE Horror Story version of the Joker that you have been waiting for - if you liked the Joker Movie - and everyone did - YOU NEED TO GET IN HERE AND PICK UP THESE RECENT BOOKS!!

The first comic from Joe Hill's new Hill House Imprint under the DC Black Label is HERE as well!! A Basketful of Heads promises a gruesome horror comic experience with those great Joe Hill Stylings!! These comics are likely to be part of a multimedia deal with Warner Bros. new streaming service and you will want to get in on these EARLY!

Marvel Comics doesn't disappoint this Halloween Week either - IT'S BACK!! - ALL NEW Marvel Zombies! For the first time your favorite Heroes get the Zombie treatment and you can't imagine how much fun this comic is!! Stop in and grab the whole set of variant covers today!!

Last but not least - hot on the heels of Absolute Carnage and the AWESOME Red Goblin storyline that finished up Dan Slott's Epic run is this weeks Red Goblin - Red Death! The Red Goblin is back with a vengeance and Peter Parker's world will never be the same!!

Stop in today!! There is nothing better to have on Halloween Night than a great Horror Themed Board Game to share with friends, some AWESOME Horror Comics to read and set the mood for a spooky trick or treat evening and MUCH MORE!!

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