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MUST READS - NCBD 9/4/2019

Happy Saturday Flying Monkey Fans!! As promised - while the Flying Monkey Comics and Games Vampirella Red Sonja was THE book of the week, there was SO MUCH more you should be coming in here and grabbing to read!!

First up this week is Image Comics Spawn 300. If you have been a fan of comics at any point in the last 30 years it is hard not to see the influence of Todd McFarlane and the changes in the industry that he and his compatriots kicked off when they broke away from Marvel Comics. Spawn has been a series that has definitely had ups and downs throughout it's run but this 300 issue is truly a tribute to everything that has come before and sets up for some awesome new stories going forward. Featuring interior pages by J. Scott Campbell, Jerome Opena, Greg Capullo, Todd McFarlane and more this book is gorgeous and there is a cover for any and all tastes and interests. If you have ever wanted to jump in on Spawn, this is THE time, grab this issue and get your preorders in for issue 301!

Stop in today and grab a copy of the all new DC Comics Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #1 for some bad girl fun and a really interesting new take on Poison Ivy and part 1 of Brian Bendis Legion of Superheroes: Millenium - setting up for what we here at the Flying Monkey are hoping are going to be an awesome new look at the future storylines of the DCU!!

Not to be left out - on the heels of all the awesome D23 announcements - Marvel drops an all new Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order story - with a couple of all new Jedi characters searching for the mysteries of the Dark Temple!! Get in here today and grab some all new Star Wars Legion Minis, the Star Wars Outer Rim board game and lot's more from Fantasy Flight Games to make sure you are ready for all the Disney + Star War fun coming soon!!

Last but not least - we know that a lot of folks missed out on the first issue of Batman: Damned following the controversy around that issue - we FINALLY have a gorgeous hardcover in stock of this great story - stop in today and grab one before they are gone!!

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